15 / 01 / 2021

Blazing Vortex - Influencer Reveals!

With the Blazing Vortex release just around the corner, we’re very excited to tell you we’ve teamed up with a bunch of your favourite YugiTubers to give you a sneak peek of this fantastic new Core Booster!

We’ve planned out a 5-day schedule of special content outlining all the key features and highlights of Blazing Vortex, kicking off this Friday, 15 January. Check out the daily breakdown below and visit this page each day for link updates!


Influencer Reveals Schedule


Day 1 – Friday, 15 January

Introduction to Blazing Vortex


Day 2 – Saturday, 16 January

Armed Dragon Thunder theme


Day 3 – Sunday, 17 January

S-Force theme


Day 4 – Monday, 18 January

6 powerful generic cards


Day 5 – Tuesday, 19 January

World Premiere War Rock theme


Day 6 – Wednesday, 20 January

Blazing Vortex box opening



Where to watch


United Kingdom17/01S-Force themeRevzCards
USA16/01Armed Dragon Thunder themeMST.TV
18/016 powerful generic cardsDzeeff
19/01World Premiere War Rock themeTeamSamuraiX1
20/01Blazing Vortex box opening
Germany16/01Armed Dragon Thunder themeYGO! Nice Guy
17/01S-Force themeJulioh
18/016 powerful generic cardsReneBrain
19/01World Premiere War Rock themeSchattenspieler
20/01Blazing Vortex box openingYGO! Nice Guy
France16/01Armed Dragon Thunder themeZouloux
17/01S-Force themeJoeri Sama
18/016 powerful generic cardsVohlt
19/01World Premiere War Rock themeYubel
20/01Blazing Vortex box openingDoc Seven
Monster Reborn
team exceed
Spain16/01Armed Dragon Thunder themeYu-Gi-Oh Master Class
17/01S-Force themeVulkanos
18/016 powerful generic cardsRCKiro
19/01World Premiere War Rock themeEl Dojo del Duelista
Italy16/01Armed Dragon Thunder themeToxic Nerds Team
17/01S-Force themeocram1993
18/016 powerful generic cardsArmageddon Duelist Gaming
19/01World Premiere War Rock themeThe King of Games 
20/01Blazing Vortex box openingToxic Nerds Team
Gravity Card Gaming
ILG Card Gaming
Armageddon Duelist Gaming
The King of Games


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