19 / 09 / 2017

What is the OTS programme?

Hello Duelists!


We recently announced our 2018 WCQ: UK Open tournament that included a 1st place prize of “50 OTS Points for the player’s local store”. This may be the first time that you as a player have seen anything regarding “OTS Points”, so we figured we’d give you a little more information via this article.


We have recently introduced a programme for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG tournament organisers called the “Official Tournament Store (OTS) Programme”. This is only available in a few regions at the moment*, the UK being one of them.


Tournament organisers earn OTS Points each time they report the results of tournaments via the Konami Card Game Network. These tournaments can be anything from your weekly “locals” to larger events like WCQ: Regional Qualifiers or Sneak Peeks.


An OTS can then use these points to claim various prizes to give to players who participate in tournaments, or to obtain items that better help them with the promotion of their tournaments. Here are some examples:



Examples of OTS Programme goodies: Posters, Game Mat, Token and Pen



The overall goal of the OTS Programme is to encourage your local store to host regular officially-sanctioned Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG tournaments, and to reward both you and the store itself for doing so.


We are constantly changing what is available through the OTS Programme and are happy to receive feedback from tournament organisers on what they would like to see in the future. If we can make something work, we will make it happen, so make sure your local tournament organiser is registered for the OTS Programme!


If your local OTS isn’t already a part of the programme and is in an eligible region*, please ask them to contact their country’s Organised Play Partner for more information.



*The OTS Programme is currently supported in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Baltic countries, Nordic countries and Israel.


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