Sealed Pack Play

In “Sealed Pack Play”, each participant receives a number of Battle Packs and builds a Deck only out of the cards from those boosters.
You don’t need to bring a Deck to those events, so everyone starts out with the same chances. You can of course keep the cards you received afterwards, and include them in your Constructed Deck!
Several different variants are available. Check out the table below for variants and Deck construction rules.
Visit your local tournaments store and check if they offer Sealed Pack Play!

Available Sealed Pack Play variants and Deck construction rules:

Deck Construction Rules – Sealed Pack

Variant 1: 5 Battle Packs - casual *

At least 20 non-Xyz Monster Cards in Main Deck

Variant 2: 10 Battle Packs - competitive *

At least 30 non-Xyz Monster Cards in Main Deck

Variant 3: 10 Battle Packs - casual *

At least 40 non-Xyz Monster Cards in Main Deck

Side Deck Size

All non-Xyz Monster Cards not in the Main Deck

Extra Deck Size

All Xyz Monster Cards

Forbidden/Limited List

No  Forbidden & Limited Cards List is used

* only one applies and all participants play the same deck construction rules


How to Play:

1.            Check with the Tournament Organizer (TO) which of the three variants above is played (5-pack casual, 10-pack casual or 10-pack competitive), if you need a Deck list or not and if a Deck swap (see 3. below) is required.
2.            During the player seating, you will be given 10 (or 5, in case of variant 1) packs. Open all packs and separate the Xyz Monsters from the rest of the cards. If a Deck list is used, please mark in the column "pool" all cards that you have opened, and how many copies of each card.
3.            Especially at more competitive events, the TO or Head Judge may require Duelists to do a Deck swap before constructing their Decks. This means that you register on a Deck list the card pool you open; once that is done, the judges will collect all card pools and randomly hand them out to the players.
If you receive a card pool after a Deck swap, make sure it’s registered correctly on the list.
4.            Once you have your card pool, you will have 20 minutes to look through your cards, build and sleeve your Main Deck (at least 20, 30 or 40 cards depending which variant is played). If you sleeve your Deck, you need to use tournament-legal sleeves. You don’t have to use card sleeves, but it will protect your cards!
5.            If a Deck list is used, you need to mark all cards you play in your Main Deck (and the number of copies) in the column “play”. All the remaining cards from your pool form your Side Deck.
Remember: You may only use cards from your pool to build your Deck, but there is no limit to the number of copies of one card! If you got 5 copies of a card from your pool, you can play all 5.
6.            As soon as all Duelists have completed their Deck building, the tournament will start.


A few tips for Deck building:

  1. Try to stick to the minimum Deck size – this increases the chance to draw your best cards!
  2. Don’t ignore the low-Level monsters – you’ll need them to Tribute or Xyz Summon the big ones!
  3. The better your cards work together, the better your Deck will work! The skill in Sealed Pack Play is making tough decisions on what to put in and what to leave out!

Finally, and most importantly: Play fair, have fun!


Are Sealed Pack Play events official tournaments?

Yes.  Sealed Pack Play events should be run through COSSY, and their results will be reflected in rankings and ratings.

Where can I find a Sealed Pack Play event near me?

Call your nearest Official Tournament Store, and ask when they’ll be hosting the next Sealed Pack Play events. If none are scheduled yet: express your interest in participating and encourage them to run it. You can find a list of Tournament Stores in your area here.

How much does it cost to enter Sealed Pack events?

The entry fee for Sealed Pack events is between 10 and 20 Euros, depending on how many Battle Packs will be used (see variants in the table above). You will keep the cards from the Battle Packs you played with as participation prize, and your Official Tournament Store might add additional prizes.

Are there additional prizes for Sealed Pack events?

The winner of a Sealed Pack Play event will receive one Starfoil promo card from a selection of 12 different exclusive prize cards:

BATT-EN001       Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
BATT-EN002       Apprentice Magician
BATT-EN003       Strike Ninja
BATT-EN004       Icarus Attack
BATT-EN005       Electric Virus
BATT-EN006       Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins
BATT-EN007       Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
BATT-EN008       Gladiator Beast Gyzarus
BATT-EN009       Blackwing Armor Master
BATT-EN010       Gravekeeper's Descendant
BATT-EN011       Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir
BATT-EN012       Cyber Harpie Lady

Not all cards are available at all Tournament Stores for each Sealed Pack Play event, but if you participate in Sealed Pack events regularly, you will have a chance to get each of those sparkly new prize cards!

What do I have to know about the boosters used in a Sealed Pack Play format?

The Battle Pack: Epic Dawn is specifically designed to support Sealed Pack Play. Therefore, Sealed Pack Play should only be played using those Battle Packs. You can find out more about the Battle Pack on our product page!

Will there be other ways of playing Sealed Pack?

Yes! We will introduce new exciting ways to play Sealed Pack in the future, so check back here regularly to receive updates. In the meantime, enjoy Sealed Pack Play!


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