Yu-Gi-Oh! Christmas Charity Event

December 2020

Introducing the 2020 Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Christmas Charity Event, where Duelists can donate for a good cause and win great prizes.

Duelists can participate in the Christmas Charity Event at their local OTS during three weekends in December before Christmas.

For this year’s Charity Events, OTS will have different options for the collection of goods:

  • In store Tournament – provided OTS follow the local Government guidelines, as well as the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Policy and Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG COVID-19 Policy Addendum. Check the Tournament Locator for information on OTS that are offering Tournament Play.


  • Pick-Up – OTS can organise a collection of goods, where each Duelist will drop-off the cans of goods in their OTS, in exchange they will collect 3/5 OTS Packs*. Check with your OTS how they are organising this.


  • Remote Duel – OTS can organise Remote Duels to allow Duelists to use “virtual” cans of goods in exchange for OTS Packs. Check with your OTS for additional details, if they’re using Remote Duels as an option.


Instead of an entrance fee, Duelists will need to bring food cans that they can use.

At the end of the tournament Duelists can exchange their cans for OTS Packs.

You can find more information about the Christmas Charity Events in the FAQ.

OTS’s will donate all the cans collect to a social cause of their choice.

Due to COVID-19, not every participating store will offer a tournament, but Duelists can still exchange food cans for OTS packs*.

Please check with your Local OTS if they are participating.

A list of participating OTS can be found in the Store Locator


*while stocks last.



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