Yu-Gi-Oh! Christmas Charity Event 2022

December 2022



During the Christmas Charity Event, special tournaments will take place in participating OTS. Duelists must bring three food cans with them and then Duel to win more cans. Once the event is completed, Duelists then exchange their cans for OTS Tournament Packs (OTS Packs), which are card packs that can only be found at OTS (KONAMI provides packs to OTS for the event.) Once it’s all completed, each OTS will then donate the accumulated food cans to a non-profit organization of its choice.  



All throughout December 2022.


At your participating local OTS – find your nearest one by using the Store Locator.

Who can participate?

Any Duelist in good standing – the more, the merrier!

How do I participate?

Duelists can participate by donating canned food at hosting OTS. See the FAQ for further details!

What can I receive in return?

Duelists will have a chance to receive OTS Packs, please see FAQ for further details!

Which charity will the food go to?

The OTS will donate all the cans collected to a local cause of their choice – check with your store for details.


For further information, please see the FAQ below:


Yu-Gi-Oh! Christmas Charity Event – FAQ EN 


*while stocks last.



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