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Link Summoning kicks off a new era of Dueling in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME!

Link Monsters arrive at full power and the best cards from the year in Dueling return, as two groundbreaking releases from Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. (KONAMI) usher in a new age of competition for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) – Code of the Duelist and the 2017 Mega-Tins.


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Summoning goes digital!  New Fusion, Ritual, Synchro, Pendulum and Xyz Monsters are joined by Link Monsters in Code of the Duelist, kicking off a new era of competition that challenges Duelists to consider not just which cards they play on the field, but where they play them.  New Link Monsters headline the release: Gouki the Great Ogre uses your opponent’s Defense Points against them; Missus Radiant boosts your EARTH monsters and rescues them from the Graveyard; Firewall Dragon works with other Link Monsters to recycle your best plays; Topologic Bomber Dragon turns your opponent’s attack power against them; and a new tribe of Link Monsters, the Star Chalice, can be played in almost any Deck, doing everything from destroying the monsters they Link with, to loading up your Graveyard.


Meanwhile, a mysterious darkness falls over the Lightsworn Realm as sinister new “Lightsworn” monsters creep from the shadows.  Fans of the Pendulum Domination Structure Deck will find retrained versions of D/D/D Gust King Alexander and D/D/D Wave King Caesar, while the latest Xyz Monster in the Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon family makes precision strikes for massive damage.


Code of the Duelist arrives August 4 with 100 cards: 48 Commons, 20 Rares, 14 Super Rares, 10 Ultra Rares, and 8 Secret Rares.




And then it’s time for one of the most exciting releases of the Dueling year! The 2017 Mega-Tins give Duelists a second chance to collect some of the biggest cards from Shining Victories, The Dark Illusion, Invasion: Vengeance, and Raging Tempest in one of two Tin designs featuring brand-new art, one of Yugi Muto & Yami Yugi, and the other of Seto Kaiba. 


Each Tin has three 16-card Mega-Packs with 1 Secret Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, and 1 Super Rare, presenting some of the game’s newest classics in their original rarities.  The Yugi Muto & Yami Yugi Mega-Tin comes with a Secret Rare Dark Magician as well as Super Rares of the Field Spell Dreamland, and the Rank 3 Xyz-reviving powerhouse Number 71: Rebarian Shark.  The Seto Kaiba Mega-Tin comes with a Secret Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon plus Super Rare copies of the Fusion Monster Elder Entity N’tss, and the Graveyard-dominating Xyz Monster Number 68: Sanaphond the Sky Prison


Both Tins also include an Ultra Rare Token Card specific to each Tin.  Plus all Tins have Ultra Rares of the wickedly versatile new Link Monster Proxy Dragon and Pot of Desires – the mega-powerful draw card that’s become one of the most-played Spells of all time.


The 2017 Mega-Tins launch August 25 with 3 x 16-card Mega-packs; 1 Secret Rare signature monster; 2 Ultra Rare variant cards; 2 Super Rare variant cards; and 1 Ultra Rare Token Card, all packed into an awesome metal store case with brand-new art.


Duelists can now watch episodes of the exciting new Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series, Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS, available on Crunchyroll. New episodes are added on Wednesdays, shortly after the TV broadcasts in Japan, and are subtitled in a number of languages. Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS introduces the Link Summoning mechanic to the TCG, with Link Monsters appearing in many products in the future.


Webpage:         http://www.crunchyroll.com/yu-gi-oh-vrains


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