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2018 WCQ: National Championships

May 2018
to June 2018

The road to the World Championship continues with the WCQ: National Championships for 2018! All across Oceania, Duelists will compete against one another for the title of “National Champion” in their respective countries, in some of the biggest events of the year.

In addition to competing for the title of “National Champion”, the top performing Duelists in each country will also receive various prizes, including Game Mats, Prize Cards, Trophies and other exclusive items. Many players will also earn qualifications to the WCQ: Oceanic Championship that takes place during the Summer.

At most WCQ: National Championships, there is also a WCQ: Dragon Duel National Championship taking place. These events are for younger Duelists, born in 2005 or later, and will award prizes similar to those of the main events. There will also be numerous Public Events and other attractions taking place at each National Championship.

As you can see, there is something on offer at a WCQ: National Championship for everybody. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of your country’s biggest event this year!


2018 WCQ: National Championships – Frequently Asked Questions
2018 WCQ: Oceanic Championship – Invited Players


Further information:

  • WCQ: National Championships are open to everybody; you do not need to qualify for these by taking part in WCQ: Regionals.
  • Duelists can compete in any WCQ: National Championship this year (even ones taking place in different countries); however, a Duelist can only compete in one National Championship per year.
  • If a Duelist competes in a Dragon Duel National Championship they cannot compete in an “all ages” National Championship, or a Dragon Duel National Championship held in a different country.
  • The availability and quantity of Public Events at each WCQ: National Championship differs from country to country. For further information on these, please see below or contact your National Championship’s event organiser.



2018 WCQ: National Championships Game Mat


Become a Champion!

Each National Champion will receive a VIP Package at this year’s Continental Championship.

This package will grant them access to additional perks such as a designated seating area, access to their own pairings board, priority registration and more!

Further information can be found in the FAQ.


Event Information:


09 / 06 / 2018

10 / 06 / 2018

Event InformationPrize Listing
New ZealandAuckland20 / 05 / 2018Event InformationPrize Listing


Event information is being updated on a continual basis, please check back later if information on your country’s National Championship is not yet available.

Prizes for 2018 WCQ: Dragon Duel National Championships (in countries that host them) are available here.



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