Gameplayer Championship 2017

26 / 11 / 2017

The Gameplayer Championship returns for 2017!

Take on Oceania’s finest Duelists and win big in New Zealand’s end-of-year mega tournament.




Date & Location

26 / 11 / 2017Auckland, New Zealand

Ellerslie Events Centre

80 Ascot Avenue



New Zealand


Travel & Accommodation:

Nearest Airports:

Nearest Train Station:

Tourism & Accommodation:


Entry Fees:

EventEntry FeeParticipation Prize
Gameplayer Championship 2017$40 NZD

Code of the Duelist Booster Packs

Duelist Saga 

Gameplayer Championship 2017

(Players aged 13 and under)

$10 NZD

Code of the Duelist Booster Packs


Event Schedule (Main Event):

DayStart TimeEnd Time
Gameplayer Championship 2017Sunday09.45



1stApple iPhone X

Flights & Accommodation to YCS Melbourne 2018 (maximum value: $500 NZD)

48 Booster Packs

3rd/4th48 Booster Packs
5th to 8th24 Booster Packs


“The Chosen”

In addition to the prize pool listed above, Duelists can compete for special prizes during every round of the tournament!

At the start of every round, a table will be randomly selected, and the winner of that Match will obtain a special prize. As the tournament progresses, the rewards for winning “The Chosen” Match will get bigger and bigger (all the way up to an Ultra Rare Number 93: Utopia Kaiser), so be sure to compete in the tournament for as long as you can!


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