Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament–Malaysia 2019

Last Update: 2019/02/20

What is the Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament?

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament (YOT) is a new series of major tournaments to be held in the Asia region, where duelists from the Asia region and around the globe can compete for fame, glory and great prizes. These tournaments are a great chance for all players to meet up to duel, trade and also meet up with like-minded friends.

Aside from the main tournament, there are other public events, such as the Asia Premier, and chances to get limited edition accessories. It is a weekend not to be missed by all Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans!

Event Details

Date: Date: 6-7 April 2019 (Saturday - Sunday)

Berjaya Times Square, LG Concourse
No. 1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Click here for map of venue
Berjaya Times Square

Format for Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament – Malaysia 2019

All YOT – Malaysia 2019 (YOTMY 2019) tournaments will be Advanced Constructed format events, using the latest Forbidden & Limited Cards List, where only OCG Japanese, Asia-English or Traditional-Chinese cards can be used in the tournament.

YOTMY 2019 Main Event

YOTMY will consist of a number of Swiss-style rounds, followed by a top cut playoffs, as follows:

Up to 256 Duelists:
7 rounds of Swiss on Saturday, followed by Top 64 Single-Elimination on Sunday
Above 256 Duelists:
8 rounds of Swiss on Saturday, followed by Top 64 Single-Elimination on Sunday

Main Event Entry Fee:ringgit $140
Door Gift:5 Booster packs
Participation Prize:
YOTMY 2019 Duel Field (Limited only to self collection by participants with proof of identity on 06 April)

Game Mat Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament – Malaysia 2019 Duel Field

Main Event prizes to be announced

YOTMY 2019 Asia Premier

Entry Fee:ringgit $90
Door Gift:3 Booster Packs
Participation Prize: YOTMY 2019 Card Sleeves(Limited only to self collection by participants with proof of identity on 7 April)

Card Sleeves
Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament – Malaysia 2019 Card Sleeves
Asia Premier prizes to be announced


Pre-registrants will be able to enter at a discounted registration fee for the YOTMY 2019 Main Event. Pre-Registration details will be announced closer to date, please check the official website for updates.

Preparing for The Event

Be prepared to present your Konami Card Game ID along with your name at registration. If you don't have a Konami Card Game ID, you can register for one here.

Decklist collection will be done during the player meetings. Decklists must be completed with all contents of your deck (Including Main, Side and Extra deck). You can get a Deck List form by downloading it from here.

You should bring any tournament supplies you will need; paper and pen to track Life Points, dice or counters if you are using cards which require them, extra sleeves to replace any that become damaged, and so forth. Calculators can only be used to calculate Life Points but recording must be done using paper and pen.

All cards in your deck (including Main, Side and Extra deck) must use card sleeves. Double layer deck sleeves are allowed, provided the outer layer must be a transparent card sleeve (Without any designs). Players must use the same color protector for their deck and side deck, and must use a different color protector for their extra deck.
(Note: Duelists are only allowed to use Yu-Gi-Oh! Official card sleeves or solid color card sleeves without any designs)


The Regionals are a series of swiss format tournaments that are held around the Asia Region countries. Through the Regionals, duelists will get a chance to prepare for the upcoming YOT, and the winners will receive byes in the YOT main event and receive the limited edition sleeves from the upcoming YOT.

Details as follows:

Entry Fee:ringgit $25
Format: Advanced Constructed, enquire with store for more details

Regional Prizes:

Champion *Free entry to YOTMY 2019 main event (non-transferable)
*2 round byes at YOTMY 2019 main event
1 pack of YOTMY 2019 Card Sleeves (70 pieces)
**Booster packs
2nd *2 round byes at YOTMY 2019 main event
**Booster Packs
3rd & 4th **Booster Packs
Door Prize 2 Booster Packs
*Byes cannot be accumulated. E.g. If you win champion / 2nd place at 2 different Regionals, you are only allowed to get a 2 round bye during the YOTMY2019 main event. Also, players who won the free entry or byes are still required to register for the main event.
** Booster packs prizes pool will be equal to the number of participants divided by 2. Distribution method will be decided by the stores organising the event. Prizes listed above are for minimum of 16 and above participants, and are subject to change.

Arrangement for duelists with Byes
1,Duelists can obtain Byes for the YOTMY 2019 Main Event through Regionals.
2,Duelists who have won Byes are still required to register for the tournaments.
3,If you have have received Byes and have already pre-registered, you may choose to report to the YOTMY 2019 Main Event day (6th April) by 12 noon to the judge counter together with your decklist. Participants who report late will receive 1 match lost as penalty.
4,If did not pre-register, you are required to register at the event day itself (6th April) at 9am.


Event Name Entry Fee Players Format Time Participation Prize Prizing
YOTMY 2019 (Main Event) Pre-Registration:
To be announced

ringgit $140
Unlimited Advanced Constructed

Day 1:
7 Rounds of Swiss
(8 Rounds if more then 256)

Day 2:
Cut to top 64 Single Elimination
Berjaya Times Square

Start Time:

5Booster packs

YOTMY 2019 Duel Field
See above
Asia Premier Pre-Registration:
To be announced

ringgit $90 (Sunday)
Unlimited Advanced Constructed

8 Rounds of Swiss
Berjaya Times Square
10:00 – 10:45

Start Time:
3 Booster packs

YOTMY 2019
Card Sleeves
See above
Open Duel Registration:
ringgit $75
16 Duelists Advance Constructed

4 round Single-Elimination
As required YOT Event Exclusive Card Sleeves (Red) Champion:
30 booster packs

Card Sleeves (Red) YOT Event Exclusive Card Sleeves (Red)

Information for Parents

You are not required to stay on site, but we strongly recommend that you do, especially if your children are young or this is their first event. Please know that the tournament staff cannot be responsible for looking after your children, or their possessions. Always make sure your child has a way to contact you, and is provided with any necessities such as food, drink, or extra money if you do not wish to remain in the tournament area.

When your child is preparing for the event, encourage him or her to leave any bulky or expensive possessions at home. Electronics and large collections of cards are hard to keep track of during a big tournament – your child will have a much easier day without having to worry about these kinds of items.

Trading cards is a big attraction at large tournaments, but if you are concerned about your child trading away valuable cards, talk to him or her before the event and set some guidelines. You can always have your child check with you before making a trade.