20-year old from Vienna bests the field at Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH’s event in Sheffield, England


Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH held the latest in its Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series (YCS) at the IceSheffield venue in England, with  Peter Gross emerging victorious.

The IceSheffield – a unique arena that also doubles as a skating rink - played host to the first YCS worldwide played with Battle Pack: Epic Dawn and using the new ‘Sealed Pack Play’ format. Unlike previous YCSs, the UK event did not require the user to prepare a Deck in advance and test it against a rival. Instead, each player received 10 boosters of the specially designed Battle Pack: Epic Dawn and built their own 30-card Deck from the cards they had drawn shortly before the even started from these boosters – a completely new test for the players’ Deck-building skills!

Only those who also showed off the steadiest performance made it into the finals held on the second day of the weekend event. On the Sunday morning, another 10 Battle Packs: Epic Dawn were opened and a new deck was designed, to compete with for the final competition of the event.

Demonstrating a skill for organisation and quick thinking, Gross proved the skills required in creating his Deck and Dueling successfully against a number of equally capable opponents. After 15 rounds across the two days and against a field of 573 competitors from 17 countries, Gross finally faced off against 23-year old Rodrigo Togores from Madrid.

At the end of a thrilling Duel, Gross made the winning move, attacking with Exarion Universe and Botanical Lion, and claimed his second YCS title in a row after winning YCS Toulouse earlier this year. As well as becoming the first Sealed Pack Play YCS winner ever, he also received a prize package that included  a Notebook PC, an exclusive Ultra Rare YCS Prize Card and Gamemat as well as an invitation to the 2013 World Championship Qualifier tournament, the European Championship.

Players who did not participate in the Main Event could play in a number of special Public Events. A particular highlight were the two Public Event play-off matches held on the Sunday afternoon. The two lucky winners, Jordan Ruff and Thomas Lockett, both from England, left the events the proud owners of an exclusive Super Rare copy of the new YCS Prize Card: Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry!

The next Duelling competition takes place in Barcelona on the weekend of December 1st-2nd.



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