19-year old from Vienna triumphs at Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH’s renowned event in Toulouse, France


Following the Easter weekend, Peter Groß was declared the most skilled and successful player of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series (YCS) on Sunday evening – but was made to fight for his new title and the prizes that came with it.

In 14 rounds over the course of two days, Groß succeded over a field of 430 competitors from a dozen countries, before he faced 15-year old Jack Bruun from Gothenburg/Sweden in the final – and emerged victorious.

Groß won his matches with his version of the Chaos Dragons deck, customised and well-tested before entering the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series. With admirable skill and cunning tactics, Bruun was more than a match for his rivals with his Dino Rabbit deck that day, but was eventually defeated.

It ended when Groß played Lightpulsar Dragon for the winning move and claimed the title, with a prize package containing a Notebook PC, an exclusive YCS Prize Card and Game Mat, an invitation to the 2012 World Championship Qualifier: European Championship, and much more.

Duelists and attendees who did not play in the main tournament were invited to try their skills in different Public Events, competing for oversized Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, exclusive gamemats and other prizes.

While 12-year-old Matthieu Labbe was among the top 4 players accumulating the most points in Public Events, Peter Renab was drawn randomly together with 3 other players out of all Public Events participants. Both prevailed in their Public Event play-off matches and left the event as happy and proud owners of an exclusive copy of the YCS Prize Card: Blood Mefist.

YCS Toulouse was the last European-scale event before each country’s Nationals, but this year’s European climax of events is just ahead. The city of Milan, Italy, will host The European Championships 2012 July 6th to 8th.